Five benefits of a winter wedding

The most popular months to wed in the UK are the warmer months of May to September *, with the numbers of weddings in December to February lagging a long way behind. But when it’s time to select a date for your wedding, the winter months shouldn’t be written off and here’s why.

1. It’s cheaper

Choosing a winter wedding could save you lots of money and that’s not just on the cost of the venue either. Most wedding related services will be offering competitive prices in the winter months when it’s quieter, in an effort to increase their bookings and you’ll probably find there are some substantial savings to be made. Having a cheaper wedding also means you can spend more on that exotic honeymoon destination!

2. There’s less competition

Venues can be booked up to two years in advance during the popular summer months, so if you want to book your dream venue but don’t want to have to wait for it, consider choosing a date in the winter when there is much more availability. The same can be said for all wedding related services, so less competition will definitely give you more freedom of choice.

3. It’s romantic

Winter is such a beautiful, romantic and unique time of year. Frost dusted over tree branches offers plenty of opportunities for stunning winter wedding photography and the winter season brings plenty of wonderful floral choices such as Amaryllis, Roses and Ranunculus. You certainly won’t need to worry about looking sweaty or having your makeup melt under the hot summer sun!

4. A dress with a difference

A winter wedding does give you lots to choose from in terms of dresses with sleeves in colours other than white or ivory. You can also pick stunning accessories to keep you fashionably warm, such as faux fur wraps which will make your wedding outfit stand out.

5. Being unique

Because winter weddings are far less common, simply having your wedding in the winter will make it very unique and memorable. Everyone wants their wedding to be special, so what better way to do that than to choose January or February for your big day? Your wedding will stand out in the calendar, rather than being just one of many dates in the wedding season.

* Source: The Wedding Secret