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How to make the most of your bridal boutique appointment

This is one just for the ladies! We’ve all seen the movies, the famous dress montages where our bride tries on a series of ludicrous dresses while her friends sit around sipping champagne until she finds the one. Real life, however, is a little bit different. Finding your dream dress can be the most fun or the most exasperating part of your big day plans, depending on how prepared you are! Our handy guide for making the most of your bridal boutique appointment should make sure that you have the time of your life.

Bring the right people with you

When it comes to a bridal shop entourage, less really is more. Too many opinions at once could be overwhelming and could cloud your own judgement or intuition. Bring one or two close friends or family members to enjoy the experience with you – people you trust to be honest with you and to want the very best for you. Don’t bring anybody who’s likely to be jealous or negative – you want the day to be a fun experience.

Do your research

Not all wedding dress shops are the same – do some research on which shops stock dresses that are to your taste. Also, bear in mind that just because a boutique stocks your favourite designer, it doesn’t mean they’ll have the particular dress you’re after. Make sure to call ahead if you have something very particular in mind to avoid disappointment.

Stay open minded

Many brides find that the dress they thought would look amazing actually doesn’t suit their shape – while a gown they never would have thought to have tried looks incredible. Boutique owners and sales assistants have a lot of experience in picking out dresses for different body types and skin tones, so try on that long dress, even if you have your eye on a short frock. The worst that can happen is that you don’t like it.

Dress the part

I know, it seems strange to get dressed up to go dress shopping, but trust us – it can make all the difference. Wear clothes that are easy to change in and out of, undergarments in subtle or nude colours and make sure that you bring a pair of high heels around the same height that you plan to wear on the day, as well as any accessories or family heirlooms you might want to wear. Also, try to do your hair and make up or have your trial on the same day so that you can really visualise what the dress will look like.

Be realistic

Not every boutique will offer you champagne and chaise longues on which to drape yourself! You may be offered a cup of tea, if anything, so don’t be too disappointed if dress shopping isn’t a movie-star experience. Perhaps plan a post-shopping afternoon tea and debrief in case your day is a touch anticlimactic.

Sleep on it

You may think you’ve found the dress, but give yourself a couple of weeks to cool off, look around and make sure you’ve seen everything on offer before you put down a deposit. Remember to take into account alterations when discussing the final price of the dress.

Have you found your dream dress? We’d love to hear all about it – contact us and let us know!